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  • 3" Spiral Mortar & Pestle

    3″ Spiral Mortar & Pestle


    This beautiful spiral design stone mortar and pestle is the perfect addition to anyone's kitchen. Ideal for grinding herbs, spices, and nuts, you can bring out the flavor of your favorite dishes and make seasoning and marinades easier than ever. Made from heavy and durable granite, this mortar and pestle has a stylish, spiral design…

  • 3" x 3" Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle

    3″ x 3″ Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle


    Introducing our 3 inch Soap Stone Mortar and Pestle! This traditional tool has been used for thousands of years to grind and blend ingredients. Our mortar and pestle is made from high-quality soap stone, giving it a unique and attractive smooth surface perfect to use in any kitchen! Soap stone is non-porous and dishwasher safe,…

  • 4" Natural Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle

    4″ Natural Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle


    Are you looking for the perfect mortar and pestle for your kitchen? Look no further than the 4 inch Natural Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle! This classic kitchen tool is perfect for grinding and crushing spices, nuts, and other ingredients. The smooth, natural soap stone surface ensures that your ingredients are ground to perfection while…

  • 4" Soapstone Carved Mortar & Pestle

    4″ Soapstone Carved Mortar & Pestle


    Finding the perfect mortar and pestle set is an important quest, and what better way to make your kitchen space stylish and functional than with this Soapstone Carved Floral Mortar & Pestle. This hand-carved stone set is an excellent choice for grinding, crushing and mixing small amounts of ingredients. The pestle has a bulbous head…

  • Celtic Knot Mortar & Pestle

    Celtic Knot Mortar & Pestle


    This versatile Celtic Knot Soap Stone Mortar & Pestle is the perfect tool for making and grinding your favorite herbs, spices, and ingredients. Hand carved from soap stone, this mortar & pestle is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. The unique design of the Celtic knot allow for easy grip and comfortable grinding action….